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1st Blog from IPhone, how cool is this world when u can blog from your phone. I love the IPhone !!

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do you have colour in your hair ? you Should.

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Go ahead and take a walk in my shoes. I bet you’ll fall on the first step.

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Hairdresser are all look for recognition in the industry. Do you look for it behind the chair? Some say you need to "Do your Time". Some think they are better than what they really are in this industry.I feel You never stop moving forward and you will always come across people that you don't like Clients or co-workers but its what you do next that really matters.
What are you going to do today ??

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There's something completely
transforming about a just-right cut or colour.
You look better, you feel amazing, you walk happy.
It's a phenominal thing and few are more accomplished at this
cleverness than the David Troy Salon.

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With the New Year we look for a new style. So, what is the look for 2011? What will be in style this year?

Blonde, Brunette, Long, Short?? I believe fashion is what you make it. Everything has come and gone at one point in time and you should always be true to yourself. In the blunt fringe or if you live in America it's pronounced bangs. I have been told from a inside source that the Emma watson short hairstlye is going to be the new look for 2011.

Anyone that knows me knows that I would give just about anyone this haircut at anytime of the year. This Haircut done right can always look good.

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