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Now that it's raining all I can think about is how many cancellations the salon is going to have but with the rain it is all so a change of style. We started to pull out the jackets and the turtlenecks so the long hair you have grown out for summer is not falling right on your collar. Maybe it is time to get that short haircut!!

Just about everything has been done or is being done with hair so we need to look at not what is new but what is going to work for you. With the change in the weather we should always change our look! I will be updating the blog with some new looks for this years winter season.
I found time to cut my wife's hair and have changed her look once again but could not be more happy with it! I will be posting photos soon. I was told that no one can have this haircut but I have done it on 3 clients so far !(SORRY SUSAN) Come back and check the blog for updates soon and look out for the new logo for the salon.