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Hedy Lamarr (1941) and Beauty portrait of Ava Gardner with big soft hair , I love this photo. Hedy Lamarr looks like something you would see today in Las vegas.

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Just been looking at the new Paul Mitchell collection by Angus WOW !! You never get to that point of never stop see something new. I love that Paul Mitchell Technique is with us. The Block Letter technique with Olympic inspired - platinum,silver and gold was such a amazing colour all I can say is wow and thank you to Paul Mitchell. There is so much out there today when do you ever stop moving forward? ask your self as a Hairdresser " why did we become one?"

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Paul Mitchell is bring some really good things in to the David Tory salon and we are happy to show them off !! Thank you Paul Mitchell..

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The Paul Mitchell GATHERING is July 25th-27th Mandalay bay, Las Vegas. look out for new up dates of the newest and greats hair by Paul Mitchell team . The David Troy salon will not be going this yeasr but we hope to all make it next year with a little help from everyone. Help get the David Troy team to the GATHERING next year by stopping in to the salon and buying some Paul mitchell products today.

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I feel like we are getting away from what looks good, Hair in the 40'S was fashion was at its best. Now all we do is updo's for a photo's that people will never do. I believe we need to get back to the 40's, I am not say that this is for everyone but sometimes hairdresser go over the top. Its just what I think and see around me.

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With every day there is a new look and feel to what we do as hairdresser, I feel that it is hard to make every client that sits in your chair happy. My job is to try and do what I do, so to all the people out there that have been unhappy with the David Troy salon all I can say is I am sorry and I try my best. As the next day will bring a new look and feel to the salon we are better of saying good bye to unhappy people and hello the the world that would like a change.

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This year is on the way we have a lot to do with the new Paul Mitchell salon 2010 is going to be big and with 4 months behind us it is time to get back to what we do !!!

The new angus M volume 4 DVD is one of the best I have seen I feel like it's time to move on and get to the end.